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Ten Twitter Tips for Public Figures

Ronn Torossian of 5WPR On Mashable With Twitter Tips

For public figures, the digital age means one thing: a 24-7 rolling press conference. Think about it. We have around-the-clock cable news stations, social networks, newswires, bloggers, tweeters, and diggers. Everyone is in PR, and everyone needs a PR person.

That’s exactly why anyone with even a foot in the public eye has to have someone who keeps tabs on their social image, particularly on Twitter. Twitter has been used to break stories, from former N.Y. Rep., Anthony Weiner’s, uh, picture problems, to the death of Osama Bin Laden. It’s fast, it’s organic, and it has a way of letting the truth rise to the top.

So whether you represent an A-list celebrity or a handful of local public figures, here are ten tips and strategies for how to manage a related Twitter account.

1. Leave Some Mistakes Alone

2. Say You’re Sorry When it Counts

3. Add Personality That’s Positive

4. Follow With Care

5. Return the Favor

6. Be Conscious of Your Visuals

7. Take Ownership of a Hashtag

8. Avoid Picking Public Fights

9. Search Your Name and Company Regularly

10. Be Careful of Online and Offline Behavior

To read the full article visit Ronn Torossian on Mashable. 

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