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Anthem ready to dig heels in

Anthem ready to dig heels in

Anthem, one of the largest insurance providers in the country, wants to buy rival Cigna. The U.S. Department of Justice moved to block the acquisition, saying it would reduce competition and raise prices on both open market and insurance exchanges. But, it looks like Anthem is not about to take the governmental rebuke sitting down. The company has vowed to stand and fight any attempts by the DOJ to block the purchase.

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Skechers PR Problem Has Lagging Sales

Wendy’s Battling Hacking Scandal

There was a time when Skechers were all the rage. The brand hit the American consumer scene in a big way, back when Airwalk “skate” shoes were the fashion choice of anyone not wearing Air Jordans.

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How Rio Should Prepare If the Olympics Flop

How Rio Should Prepare If the Olympics Flop

With the Summer Olympics only about a month away on August 5th, Rio de Janeiro faces some almost insurmountable issues that need to be resolved in that short period of time. And that may not be possible. So, what should the Brazilian government and the 2016 Olympic Committee do to keep the games as smooth as they can be even if many problems go unresolved?

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Dunkin Donuts App Launches Mobile Ordering

Dunkin Donuts App Launches Mobile Ordering

There was a point not that long ago when having an app was a luxury or an oddity. Now, pretty much anyone and everyone seems to have one. Some, like the incredible Girl Scout cookie locator, are very useful. Others seem to major on aggravation and minor in taking up space on your phone. But the Girl Scouts are not the only brand trying to help you get your sugar fix. Enter Dunkin’ Donuts.

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Responding to Viral Customers to Benefit your Brand


Today, customers have a stronger voice than ever thanks to the rise of social media. As more and more people adopt smartphones and grow accustomed to an always-connected lifestyle, responding quickly to consumers is critical for delivering exceptional customer care.

Consumers are getting tired of shopping the old-fashioned way, with more customers opting to buy things online than in-store. But, that’s not the only thing they’re doing more of online. Given the hectic pace of modern day life, consumers have had to adjust to new constraints on their time.

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What the Tunsil Gasmask Disaster Teaches Us about Crisis PR

Laremy Tunsil

Laremy Tunsil’s NFL draft night turned from celebration to horror, after a post on his Twitter page created a disaster. The mysterious post appeared just minutes before the draft began and showed Tunsil smoking marijuana through a gas mask. He then removed the mask, revealing his identity.

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Instagram Logo Re-Design: #Win, #Fail, or #Draw?

new instagram logo 5wpr ceo

In case you were unaware, Instagram recently re-designed their logo and app aesthetics. And boy, oh boy, did it make waves.

According to Ian Spalter, Instagram’s Head of Design, “…the Instagram icon and design was beginning to feel…not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better.” For better or worse, Instagram went for it.

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Frozen Food Recall Creates Consumer PR Problems

Frozen berries with frost

Listeria. Ask most folks what it is and what it does, and they would have a hard time explaining it. But ask them if they want it in their food, and they know full well it’s very bad. Just the mention of the word leads consumers to stop buying, much less consuming certain products. Now the outbreak scare extends to frozen food, some bought as far back as 2014.

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Zimmerman Back in Press for Gun Auction

Not since the Zimmerman note has a general public hated a Zimmerman more than they do George Zimmerman. The guy’s always in the news for the wrong reasons and just can’t seem to get a clue.

When you, as a private citizen, have managed to engender the type of bone-deep revulsion that Zimmerman has, it’s a good idea to try to make your life as private as possible. Instead, Zimmerman has managed to be in the news for many, many bad days even since he was cleared in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

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Ringling pulls elephants years ahead of schedule

ringling pulls elephants

In a move just about every side is taking credit for, Ringling Brothers Circus announced it would “retire” its performing elephants in early May, two years before the planned date.

By May 11, teams of elephants who have been performing together for decades will be off-loaded from trains and trucks for the final time to finish their days in Central Florida on a 200-acre farm for retired circus animals.

The retirement has been planned for some time, mostly in response to public outcry fueled by negative PR and activist activity. The company said initially the plan was to have all the elephants off the road by 2018, but sped up the timetable because they realized they could. The situation was all logistics, according to the company. They thought their resources were more limited and they needed more time to prepare. That turned out not to be the case.

Activists, of course, are calling shenanigans on that argument. They are claiming victory while further excoriating the circus for continuing to use any animals in its performances at all. Ringling denies this and says they have no plans to pull other animals from their shows.

While Ringling says played no part in their decision to pull the elephants early, CEO Kenneth Feld told National Geographic activists concerned for the elephants were creating a problem at his company’s events.

“We’re in the entertainment business. It takes away from the total enjoyment when you’re getting yelled at, and your kids are getting yelled at by these activists,” Feld said.

In addition to activist activity at events, the company faced multiple lawsuits alleging animal cruelty. Even though Ringling won all their lawsuits, the company still had to face local legislators who had been feeling the heat from angry constituents.

“You can win every lawsuit, but you can’t fight city hall,” Feld told Nat Geo.

City Hall, however, is not claiming victory here. Humane Society president Wayne Pacelle lauded Ringling’s announcement, saying:

“For wild animals whose natural habitat is outdoors, life in a traveling show is filled with unending misery … all so they can perform silly tricks.”

Ringling could punch back, saying many of these animals are not wild and could not, in fact, survive long in the wild. This is just part of the winning arguments from their legal cases … but Feld knows this isn’t the right time to engage adversaries that are already reloading. Some have already taken aim at the place the elephants will be retired, calling it just as cruel … a battle and a narrative Ringling will likely face sooner rather than later.

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